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About Us

Know About Uganda Women Birders

Well Trained Female Guides

After working in nature guiding and conservation for a few years, we identified a gap between the male and female guides in Uganda. The Women Adventures Africa started with a principle objective of offering the trained female guides employment in nature guiding, a male-dominated profession. Nature Guiding in Uganda has for long been dominated with men and yet eco-tourism currently ranks as one of the biggest revenue earners for the country and continues to grow immensely over the years. There are generally very few women that work as nature guides in Uganda and Africa.

Giving African women a chance to earn a livelihood and provide for their families will benefit their families as well as contributing to the revenues of the country. It will further elevate their status from what has traditionally been tagged to them as “belonging to the kitchen.” This company offers customized tours guided by well-trained female guides. It further provides a chance for women that would love to travel alone with some of our “Girls only” safaris and guided by the “Girls”.

The Team
We provide employment to well-trained women. Our guides are well trained and graded by the Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA), a trusted association in charge of training nature guides in Uganda. The lady guides subscribe to different specialist groups such as; Bird Guides’ Club, African Bird Club, Mammals and Butterflies Working groups, Culture as well as Conservation groups such as NatureUganda, Uganda Wildlife Society and many others.

Services offered
• We design and lead customized tours for women groups travelling alone.
• We also provide well trained female guides to travelers.
• Provide a platform for students to get hands-on/practical experience through our internship packages.