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Uganda women Birders Club
The Uganda Women Birders’ Club is an initiative aimed at increasing the number of women participating nature guiding and conservation. The club has built capacity of women in bird watching and guiding and as such is inspiring women in other countries such as Rwanda and Malawi to start up similar projects.

For more information please visit  Uganda Women Birders

Well Trained Female Guides


Our female guides are well equipped with skills in avian and wildlife research; an example is Judith Mirembe working on conservation of the Shoebill with local communities in Mabamba and Makanaga wetland on the shores of Lake Victoria. Our guides act as research assistants in different fields while others further guide research projects. The ladies are well trained in different research and data collection techniques such as; Mist Netting and Bird Ringing, Small mammal traps and censusing and we continue to give them exposure as they develop more skills. There is no such joy as giving back to society, our guides participate in volunteer programmes such as Citizen Science where they participate in the Common Bird Monitoring (CBM) Programme and also lead groups at the annual Big Birding Day, an event to celebrate Uganda’s Birdlife. For info visit Conservation of Shoebill

Uganda Young Birders’ Club